the Gospel


God created the world as good. Making people His hearts treasure. He placed His very own image as a picture within us. He blessed and gave us the world to care for and to multiply His image to every corner of it. His desire is to have a people of His own to share His love and goodness with. (Romans 1:20; Genesis 1:26-31; Psalm 139:1-16)


Sin Originates. All people, represented by the first couple, reject God. Choosing instead to believe a lie that life apart from God was better. Sin entered into creation and the picture of God’s image was broken. Things began to fall apart breaking relationship between: God and people, people and people, and people and nature. Death became reality, we all became broken and lost. (Romans 3:23, 6:23; Isaiah 53:6; Psalm 143:2; Genesis 3:1-24)


Jesus comes for us. The Good News is God hasn’t left people alone. He pursued us, becoming a person Himself, Jesus Christ. He took the punishment and consequence of our sin upon Himself on the Cross. But death couldn’t hold Him, rising from the grave He offers us; new life, eternal life, and restored relationship with God. It was His joy to bring salvation and give another chance to know His goodness and restore His image in each of us. (Romans 5:8; John 3:16; Isaiah 53:4-5; Psalm 22:14-18)


By faith, forgiveness of sins, and new life are a gift of God’s grace. We can’t earn it, we don’t deserve it, but we can be given it. By faith and repentance His Gift can be received. Trusting Jesus as Lord and Saviour, then living the way Jesus demonstrated finding true life and ultimate freedom today and for eternity. (Romans 10:9; Acts 4:12; Ephesians 2:8; 2 Peter 3:9)

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