Community Services

Crosslife Church wants to bless and serve South Edmonton!

Our church family loves and cares deeply for our neighbourhoods and city. We want to serve wherever we are able. It is our joy and priveldge to be Good News to our city by helping to make our communities better in a variety of ways.

You do not need to be a member, attend Crosslife Church or share in our faith to access these services!

We offer:

1) Prayer

2) Pastoral Counselling (Gospel Counselling)

3) Pastoral Services

                  - Weddings

                  - Funerals

                  - Coffee/Conversation

4)Neighbourhood Parties

5) Summer Kids Camp

6) Service Projects

7) Listening

8) Other? (Let us know your need)

We hope to serve you the best we can and to the fullness of our ability. We serve because we have been deeply changed by Jesus' love for us, and helping others is a way to express our faith and thanks for all Jesus has done for us! Please contact our office to see if we can serve you or with you!